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Quality Computer Games Welcome to the Quality Computer Games website. Modern advancements have changed the face of the world of entertainment. The generation of today has a lot of options, most popular of which are computer games. As well updates on the production of our own quality computer games, our website will keep you abreast of developments in the gaming industry, games sales, gaming consoles, buying games online, gaming clans and more. Please contact our Quality Computer Games experts for more information.

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Welcome to the Quality Computer Games website. From here not only can you learn all about the history of gaming, but you can also download new games and enter gaming competitions too.

It might be difficult to believe, but for many people playing computer games can mean the first step to a fulfilling career. Most people are drawn to the computer games industry as a career because they have always played and enjoyed games, and this interest has attracted them to a career as a developer or designer.

This interest in video games is a particular benefit in an industry where enjoyment is the primary factor that results in success. However you’ll need more than just passion for the subject; you'll also require genuine skills and a commitment to learning new things every day. It's an extremely competitive job market and industry, and only candidates with a broad range of skills will win a job in gaming.

The Jedi Knight II tournament went well and was won by Sh@dow106UK hopefully he will enjoy it for weeks to come lol. Idea's for the next tournament are already in the pipeline and as always our team is making improvements to make this the best LAN in Worcester. We all hope to see the regulars and hopefully some new faces at the next event - 28th July!! Sign up Now

Dizzie and myself had a different helper this event - Ennui, so as usual we did the normal setting up of tables and power cables and we were away, i think were getting experts at this.

In a development studio, computer game production can be separated into four processes: design, programming, artistic, and testing. The designers create the game concept, character and game play. The artists produce the sound and images.

The programmers write the software code. And the testers search for errors in the game before it is released. We here at Quality Computer Games have teams that cover each aspect, as you can see from the quality of our gaming releases. If you would like to know more about our Quality Computer Games, please feel free to get in touch.

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