Daniel Negreanu is One of the Best Poker Players the World Has Seen

Those who are into their poker will definitely have heard of Daniel Negreanu. In 2014, it was declared that he was the best poker player in the world and those who have watched him play will have no issue with him being given this title. In 2014 he also found himself inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.


A Look at His Early Life

Daniel Negreanu was born in Toronto in 1974, seven years after his parents, Constantin and Annie, decided to emigrate from Romania. His parents had originally planned on starting a new life in America, but they ended up in Toronto as his father got a job there as an electrician.

Negreanu was not a fan of school. In fact, he was a constant pain for the principal who regularly threatened to expel him because he just kept refusing to follow any of the rules.

In his teenage years, he wanted to become a professional snooker player and at the age of 15 he learnt how to play poker. The legend says that he started to learn with a link of the famous guide to 3 card poker and strategies from casinobonusindex.com. He was a few credits short of graduating from high school, but instead of studying harder to get them, he decided to drop out. He would then spend his time looking for illegal poker competitions to join around the city.

Eventually he started dating Evelyn NG, who is also a professional poker player. After he had made enough money for himself, he went to Vegas to follow his dream of becoming a professional player. However, his first trip to Vegas was not a success and he had to go back to Toronto to earn more money. This first trip proved to be only a tiny mishap as, like we mentioned in the introduction, he would go on to become the best poker player in the world.


His Poker Career

During his poker career he has won the World Poker Tour twice, the World Series of Poker six times, as well as a number of other less prestigious poker tournaments. His success is mostly down to his fantastic ability at reading his players. He once said that the skill that he uses the most is his ability to observe his opponents’ hands and then determine how well they are capable of playing such hands.

He is an action junkie who is always looking for new challenges and risks, which is why he regularly plays at poker tables where there are limits of $400-800 or higher.

Negreanu has a blog that he regularly updates with his feelings and thoughts about politics, life, and, of course, poker. So, if you want to see what he has to say, check his blog page regularly.

As of 2020, he has won over $42 million, making him the third most successful player in the history of professional poker.

What the Documentary About Him Right Here

If you are a poker fan and you live close to Theatr Gwaun, then we highly recommend that you pay them a visit to watch the brilliant documentary about Negreanu’s life.

This documentary is called “KidPoker” as that is what he called himself during his early poker playing days. This documentary gives an insight into the soul and mind of one of the best poker players the world has ever seen. You will get to see Negreanu being interviewed, footage from when he was a young boy, fellow poker players and friends answering questions about him, and, of course, you will see footage from some of his best poker successes. Other gambling successes stories can be seen on https://www.online-casino.net.za/. There are also some very moving moments as well, like when he starts speaking about his mother who died in her sleep after she had been ill for a couple of months.


Negreanu went from the bottom right to the very top through a lot of hard work and his journey to the top is something that should inspire anyone who sits down and watches this fantastic documentary.

If you really cannot get to Theatr Gwaun to watch this documentary, then we highly recommend that you watch it on Netflix, or find a way to download it because it really is one of the best documentaries out there at this moment in time.